1. Tax
2. Accounting
3. Business Valuation
4. Litigation Support and Forensics

in the following areas:

➢ Tax compliance (e.g., tax return preparation)
➢ Tax planning and consulting
➢ Estate planning
➢ Entity structuring
➢ Purchase and sale of business
➢ Purchase price allocation (e.g., valuation allocations)
➢ IRS representation
➢ U.S. tax reporting and compliance for foreign individuals and businesses
➢ State and Local

The firm provides monthly, quarterly and/or annual accounting services, either internally or through its’ relationships with local providers, including the following:

➢ Preparation of financial reports
➢ General ledger posting, maintenance and closing of books and records
➢ QuickBooks training (e.g., setup, implementation, upgrade, conversion)
➢ Payroll processing facilitation and reporting
➢ Budgeting and forecasting
➢ Hiring assistance and staff retention consulting
➢ Due diligence

The valuation of a business or business interest is often required for many reasons including:

• IRS Compliance
• Income Tax Planning
• Estate and Gift Tax
• Purchase and Sale of Business
• Minority Interests
• Shareholder Disputes
• Breach of Contract
• Divorce

Regardless of the purpose, valuing an ongoing business involves more than an appraisal of the underlying assets. It requires an analysis of constantly changing financial information to arrive at a value as of a fixed date. Our specialized training and experience enables us to see beyond the numbers. We combine our training as Certified Public Accountants with every day business experience to identify and evaluate factors contributing to value. We apply not only acceptable theorems and methodology, but also common sense and sound judgment. Moreover, we support findings with reasonable, well-supported documentation that is easily understood by all interested parties, attorneys, the court and the IRS.

It is no secret that the legal environment has grown increasingly complex. Many cases involve reams of accounting, financial, statistical, and economic information. Preparing for court can require analyzing large quantities of technical evidence, testimony, and documentation—all within rigid time constraints. A CPA experienced in litigation support can be invaluable in gathering, organizing, and interpreting financial data for lawyers, judges, and juries. This allows you to concentrate on the legal issues.

The firm has a specialized group of CPAs to support attorneys in all phases of litigation. As CPAs, we understand the subtleties of financial issues the way you understand nuances in the law. In addition, because our firm specializes in serving the legal profession, we can provide you with specialized technical resources that support your efforts throughout all phases of the litigation process. Our litigation support team is accustomed to working under the same conditions and time constraints as trial lawyers. Our high standards of professionalism, combined with extensive experience and personalized service, provide you with expert witness and consulting services you can count on, in and out of the courtroom.

How We Work With You

Defining Issues – By identifying key accounting, financial, economic and industry issues, we provide the theory(s) and outline of proof. We also determine what records may be needed.

Fact Finding and Discovery – We collect and review relevant information, provide studies and projections, and report on strengths and weaknesses of evidence. We can also assist with production requests, interrogatories and depositions.

Our services include:
• Consultation
• Pre-trial support
• Collection, interpretation, and evaluation of financial data
• Financial modeling and forecasts
• Forensic accounting
• Expert witness testimony

Areas of assistance include:
• Valuation
• Lost Profits
• Contract Damages
• Business Interruption
• Fraud Investigation
• Divorce
• Probate
• Construction Claims
• Personal Injury or Wrongful Death